The biggest days of the year

at Highview Angus Ranch
June 12 & 13, 2021

2021 Registered Angus herd breeding

was a tremendous success! A HUGE shout out and many THANK YOU’s to our amazing Angus Cow Herd Breeding Crew!

Featured photography ©Angelika Ursula Dietrich

HUGE shout out and many THANK YOU's

to our amazing Angus Cow Herd Breeding Crew!
Veteran Chris, THANK YOU for your hard work throughout the year. Thank You, to his wife Wanda for becoming a part of our team during this weekend. Wanda was responsible for bringing up the cows and loading the tub/alley, an essential part of this venture.
Kevin, for keeping the order & always having a cow on deck in the Silencer Chute.
Chris B., our Rookie of the Year, Thank you for managing the breeding box that includes getting cows safely in and out of the box and returning them to the herd.

Steve, our long-time great friend & breeding professional who alternately bred cows with Jeff while Jeff kept individual records and thawed matings for each individual cow.
Angelika, for helping during the synch protocol cattle work and road management during cattle gathering, photo and video production in between, and for her fantastic food during BBQ lunches. They were simply amazing!

Dad Dave, for helping out tirelessly anywhere needed, keeping the rest of the ranch up and running, BBQ our own Highview Angus Beef Burgers.

Mom Shirley ,for her moral support, managing lunches and BBQ venue, that of course, included delicious deserts!

Last but not least, we need to recognize our incredible and invaluable canine support crew that is a part of the Highview Angus Ranch family: Border Collies “Stone” & “Okie Dokie,” who work tirelessly gathering cattle! Without their help, we could not have accomplished the work within the available time frame for successfully breeding our registered Angus herd.

After everything was said and done, 280 cows were mated to amazing breed leading sires over the second weekend in June!

In all 4704 cattle events happened in the last 11 days between gathering, sorting, working calves, synchronizing cows, gathering, more sorting, more synchronization of cows, gathering, and then finally breeding the herd. Many of these events had multiple processes.

After a final tally, easily more than 10K tasks happened in total with very few hiccups. During the same time frame, our 90 heifers were hitting their second cycle repeats, having been bred three weeks ago as well. Busy times that are spent with fantastic colleagues, old and new friends, and dear family members! Breeding outstanding cattle not only takes knowledge and skill but lots and lots of hard work all year round.

Thank you to everyone for making this happen!!!!!

Jeff Parker
Highview Angus Ranch


from Wild Horses Media Productions' video producer, photographer, and Highview Angus Ranch family member Angelika Ursula Dietrich:

It has been ten years since I filmed “Breeding 150 cows at Highview Angus Ranch”. Ten years ago, the equipment was very different and limited. Today, I shoot with 4K video cameras, full-frame, and other professional cameras. Editing is performed with professional industry-standard software.
Videos like these are only possible when one lives on site 12 months a year 24/7. There is no script except that of life. There are no second takes aka “do this again.” Everything is filmed and photographed as it happens.

This video is our second feature presentation. Our productions, short or long, not only reflect our mortal existence and spirit but a lifestyle that is utterly embedded deep into our being. The extraordinary dedication to all our animals (no matter the weather or circumstances) might seem peculiar to some but is just something that goes deep down to our core.

The movie’s beginning may seem lengthy and even dull to some, but it reflects the deep connection to our livestock. We handle our animals with the utmost care and manage them with “low-stress cattle management” procedures to further our herd’s physical and mental health.

We hope this short film also serves as a testimonial and recognition beyond our own for everyone in American Farm & Agriculture. American Farmers and Ranchers produce the safest, most abundant, affordable, and yet enjoyable food supply globally.

Highview Angus Ranch has been family-owned and operated below the Wallowa Mountains near Enterprise, Oregon, USA, since 1960. Please enjoy an inside reflection of who we are and shall continue to be.

As I quoted John Wayne in the past, he said: “Courage is to be scared to death and saddling up anyway.” With that said, I shall continue to believe in the plan that the great Devine has in store for me by carrying on to champion “the right to farm,” animal husbandry, and standing up for human rights for all – through life behind the lens and otherwise.

Angelika Ursula Dietrich
Wild Horses Thunder Media Productions
Highview Angus Ranch