The focus at Highview Angus Ranch is on real world, functional cattle that can not only perform in the ranch environments of our customers, but then have the added growth, efficiency, and superior carcass traits to be in demand by the feedlot and packing industries.

Nearly every female traces to proven cow families from either Gardiner Angus Ranch in Kansas, or Sitz Angus in Montana. Two of the most well known, long time, multi-generational family Angus programs in the US. With cattle as our only business we not only share a steep tradition of focus on the commercial cattle industry with these two programs but an understanding that our cattle must earn our living and pay their own way.

Every registered female and sale bull is many generations deep in known A.I. sires. Every maternal pedigree can be traced to these proven sires thru decades of A.I. use with most tracing thru all A.I sires back to the early 1960’s. Our A.I. sires have been progeny proven to be the best in the breed not just from an “in house” herd sire. This ensures more accuracy, validity, and ultimately more predictable results for our customers and those who might purchase their cattle.

These proven A.I. genetics and cow families are then combined with our total commitment to complete AHIR progeny weight data, our more than decade old carcass ultrasound program, and comparison using full & proper contemporary groups. This has produced a cow herd with a more accurate data base behind them and has resulted in sale bulls with as competitive and predictable package of Angus genetics as any available in the industry today.

Our 50 years of experienced data analysis, along with the extensive use of EPD’s (proven to be 7-9 times more accurate than individual performance records alone) have allowed huge increases in performance. However, our ability to apply visual cow sense then to more importantly practice common sense have been the key factors in producing consistency and quality.

Thousands of cattle have been born, raised, bred, compared, and culled right here at Highview Ranch. You can rest assured that the man who makes the mating decisions, calves the daughters, backgrounds the calves, or sells fed cattle on a value added carcass grid, then writes the checks for all the bills solely from this herd, is the same man who represents the cattle here. We are cattlemen first and Angus breeders second. Not just some guy sitting in an office playing with numbers, then talking about what he heard at the last beef workshop, or read in an article while someone else does the real day to day work. We are true owner operators who understand that the complexities of our breeding decisions has implications not only for us but for our customers and ultimately the entire beef industry.

If your cattle must earn a living as ours do, give us a call.