Highview Ranch, Enterprise, Oregon. Established in 1960 by Dave & Shirley Parker and Pete & Ingrid Peters.  Blending cattle & land with the passion for entrepreneurial opportunity & the freedoms they represented. 

1960’s Starting with Herefords then cross breeding with Angus. Flood Irrigation grew hay put up with a sickle bar, small baler, & stacked by hand until a Buck rake & Farmhand loader made “loose” stacks.  Started A.I. breeding.  New working facility with a round tub & curved alley. More cross fences & calves retained thru feedlot.  Dave local Wallowa County Jaycees Outstanding Young Farmer award-1968.  Joined OCA- 1961 & Cattle Fax-1968.

1970’s  Progeny Test & Special Mating herd for ABS. More than a dozen breeds evaluated. Registered Limousin- 1971 later expanding to 250 cows & one of the largest & most respected herds in the West. Land added with one of the oldest gravity flow sprinkler systems in area. Haying with a pull swather & Hesston Stak Hand. Some of the first Hi-Tensile New Zealand style fence in area.

 1980’s. Times were tough. Interest near 20% & beef demand falling.  Dave embraced MIG (Management Intensive Grazing) & with portable poly wire produced more cattle & hay on less ground.  Dave, local County Cattleman of the Year-1983 & President 1984-1986.

1990’s Hundreds sold annually in successful & profitable branded beef program that abruptly stopped when management at partner grocery changed. Haying with Round Baler & mesh wrap. Son Jeff returned- 1997 with developing herd of Angus. New cattle handling facility & hydraulic chute allowed more synchronized A.I. & ET. Shirley local County Cattlewoman of the Year-1997.

2000’s Jeff now operating ranch & expanding the Registered Angus cow herd with 100% A.I. & ET.  A new sprinkler irrigation system installed.  Highview Ranch local County Grassman of the Year-2001. Jeff OCA District VP 2001-2003. Dave & Shirley local County Honorary Member award-2008. Jeff Local County President 2008–2010. 

2010’s The full conversion to Angus is now complete & breeding 325 Registered Angus Females in 2013. All are many generations deep in nationally known & proven A.I. sires. For more than a half a century our tireless pursuit to be innovative combined with our entrepreneurial spirit has allowed our family to look back on dreams of content & look forward with a vision of hope.  Family Owned & Operated since 1960 & proud OCA members for the last 52 years.