The registered cow herd at Highview Angus Ranch represents a total commitment to proven A.I. sires with the majority of maternal pedigrees tracing to all A.I. use back into the early 1960s. Nearly all the foundation lines of Highview Angus females originated from either Gardiner Angus Ranch in Kansas or Sitz Angus in Montana.
Our registered Angus cows are not pampered. They are run in a real-world environment right along with our Angus-based commercial cow herd. A lot has been said of cow families and their ability to transmit valuable convenience traits and do-ability. 

While the cows probably don’t even care who they are related to, it might be of interest to some that the cow families at Highview Angus Ranch represent some of the most valuable, proven, and researched cow families of the breed.

Sitz Emma E Family

Almost ¼ of the cowherd traces to this prolific family via a Traveler 124 daughter, Sitz Emma E 2965, bred in the Sitz program and who raised her last calf here at 17 years of age. That’s what we call longevity. Her sons & grandsons are still mentioned by commercial bull buyers as some of the best they have ever used. Her daughter VF Sitz Emma 3039 another Highview donor and tremendous daughter of VDAR Traveler 722, lined up the Traveler bloodline and she nicked especially well with EXT.
Volumes could be written of the Traveler 124 daughters that stem from the Sitz program as paternal sisters of “2965” have written history throughout the breed including the world record 300K Sitz Everelda Entense 023(We have a granddaughter by BCC Bushwacker) and Sitz Everelda Entense 1905 both of whom went on to record millions of dollars in progeny sales and produce untold numbers of donor daughters for some of the most prominent Angus programs in the breed.

GAR Erica family

GAR Erica four full sisters as young virgin heifers. heifers arriving from GAR. 4 were full sibs to dam of Retail Product 1996

Another ¼ of the cowherd traces to the Erica family via four full flush sisters (EXT X Traveler 23-4 X Scotchcap) that we purchased as young virgin heifers from the Gardiner Angus Ranch ET program. Two were flushed here extensively as mature ET donors. We sold the other two at 13 years of age to Trowbridge Angus Farm, Ghent, NY for their embryo program. They are best known as being full sisters to GAR EXT 4927, the dam of the GAR Retail Product.

GAR Retail Product was originally described by Roy Wallace of Select Sires as having “the best power score he had ever seen”.

Retail Product is now not only known for his tremendous carcass merit and ability to transmit thickness but more importantly and recently as a sire of moderate framed, very functional, good uddered, long-lasting females. We attribute that added female appeal to the tremendous cow family on his maternal side as we have seen a lot of them here.

GAR Blackcap Family

GAR New Trend 780

The third-largest cow family here at Highview Angus Ranch are the Blackcaps. They are alive and well via Highview Traveler 8180 8203 (Sitz Traveler 8180 X Traveler 6807 X New Trend) a second-generation Highview ET Donor and our most prolific to date. 8203 is a great-granddaughter of the most famous Blackcap matriarch, GAR Scotchcap 867. GAR Scotchcap 867 (Scotchcap X F0203) is considered by many as the top source for carcass genetics in the Angus breed.
We purchased two granddaughters of “867” as direct daughters of GAR New Trend 780 a previous A Plus Angus of TX donor and now at Limestone LLC.

 We purchased these young Blackcap heifers from the Gardiner Angus Ranch ET program well before this line of cattle became famous because we liked their dam and their kind, as much as their data. The “867” line of Blackcaps were once described as having produced more lot one features and more six-figure sales than any cow family in history and to date that would be an understatement. Daughters include, Coleman Blackcap 0813 sold 240K(half interest), GAR EXT 2104 sold 250K, A Plus Blackcap 0097 sold 175K, & GAR EXT 2114 sold 120K. After 867 sold for a phenomenal 60K (half interest) at 17 yrs old, her new owners described her as follows: “Blackcap “867” is responsible for more than 35% of the cattle in the top 100 cows for IMF and Ribeye in the breed. Approaching a million dollars in progeny sales and after producing over 150 offspring, Blackcap “867” is still alive at 17 years of age and flushing as good as she did when she was a first-calf heifer. She is where the bar is set for longevity, reproduction, and carcass in the Angus breed” At Highview Angus Ranch we too like the longevity in these cattle as they hold up while still performing near the top even under our real-world ranch conditions.

Sitz Barbara Perfection Family

Sitz Barbara Perfection 1882

We have 6 young daughters of ER Barbara Perfection L059 who sold for 9,500 to Harper Ranch LLC of TX in the Edwards dispersal in MT and dam of the 42K ER Talon N738 who sold to Talon Ranch, Twin Bridges, MT. These 6 young Highview Angus Females are in turn granddaughters of the 90K Three Trees Pathfinder Donor, Sitz Barbara Perfection 1882 whose 4 direct daughters averaged 9,125 in the same 2005 Edwards dispersal.

Sitz Everelda Entense Family

We have a young granddaughter sired by BCC Bushwacker of the world record 300K Sitz Everelda Entense 023.

forever Family

We have 7 young daughters of ER Forever K004 (Focus X 6807 X Candolier Forever 376) 5K to Red Sky Ranch Great Falls, MT in the 2005 Edwards dispersal.

Sitz Florabelle Fanny Family

We also have 6 young daughters of Florabelle Fanny K009 who is part of the donor program for Josh Mavencamp of Spring Cove Ranch, ID and the dam of the ER Broadcast bull who sold for 10K to the well known and respected cowman Dave Hinman of South Dakota where Broadcast sons have been sold for as high as 49K(2/3 Interest).


other cow families

Other Cow Families include Barbara McHenry, Blacklass, Blackcap Bonnie, Blackbird Princess, Forever, Forever Lady, & VDAR Queen represent an important but smaller number of females in the herd.

Yes, we own quite a few cows who have achieved Pathfinder Status with the AAA!

2023 Pathfinder List

AssnRegistrationNameOwnerCityStateNum CalvesAvg RatioSire RegistrationSire Name
AAA17387262HV Emma Complete-721R 205ZJeffrey D ParkerEnterpriseOR9105AAA 14850409Summitcrest Complete 1P55
AAA17661934HV Erica Upgrade 827Y 328AJeffrey D ParkerEnterpriseOR8105AAA 16244342Styles Upgrade J59
AAA17980932HV Emma Full Power 844Y 774BJeffrey D ParkerEnterpriseOR7105AAA 16981588PA Full Power 1208
AAA18614998HV Emma Powerhouse 151Z 473DJeffrey D ParkerEnterpriseOR5109AAA 17160668EXAR Powerhouse 2077B
AAA18615917HV Blackbird Counselor 534DJeffrey D ParkerEnterpriseOR5108AAA 16761497Connealy Counselor
AAA18639653HV BlackcapSlapShot153Z 474DJeffrey D ParkerEnterpriseOR5108AAA 17160844EXAR Slap Shot 2504B
AAA18614964HV Emma Innovation-614X 359DJeffrey D ParkerEnterpriseOR5105AAA 16983331MAR Innovation 251
AAA18616011HV Emma Rampage-312U 450DJeffrey D ParkerEnterpriseOR5105AAA 16925771Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36
AAA18954140HV Emma Discovery 392A 834EJeffrey D ParkerEnterpriseOR4110AAA 17262835V A R Discovery 2240
AAA19288365HV McHenry Bronc 428A 050FJeffrey D ParkerEnterpriseOR4108AAA 18229425Baldridge Bronc
AAA18957051HV Florabelle Rampage 863EJeffrey D ParkerEnterpriseOR4106AAA 16925771Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36
AAA18954124HV Blackbird Discovery 755EJeffrey D ParkerEnterpriseOR4105AAA 17262835V A R Discovery 2240
AAA18954150HV Blackcap Discovery 826EJeffrey D ParkerEnterpriseOR4105AAA 17262835V A R Discovery 2240
AAA18954603HV Emma Bronc 347A 880EJeffrey D ParkerEnterpriseOR4105AAA 18229425Baldridge Bronc
AAA19288431HV BlackcapFlatTop 611B 148FJeffrey D ParkerEnterpriseOR3108AAA 18094501Werner Flat Top 4136
AAA19288404HV FlorabelleFannyBronc 105FJeffrey D ParkerEnterpriseOR3108AAA 18229425Baldridge Bronc
AAA19288347HV BlackcapBonnie Bronc 013FJeffrey D ParkerEnterpriseOR3106AAA 18229425Baldridge Bronc
AAA19288383HV BlackcapBreakthrough 073FJeffrey D ParkerEnterpriseOR3106AAA 17822045Baldridge Breakthrough A091
AAA19288413HV FlorabelleBronc 230C 120FJeffrey D ParkerEnterpriseOR3106AAA 18229425Baldridge Bronc

From the 2019 AAA annual Pathfinder report. 

AAA 17387218HV Emma Program 614X 118ZJeffrey D Parker, Enterprise, OR5108
AAA 17387212HV Emma Upgrade 664X 106ZJeffrey D Parker, Enterprise, OR5107
AAA 17387241HV Emma Impression 495W 151ZJeffrey D Parker, Enterprise, OR5105
AAA 17387286HVBlackbirdHooverDam450 284ZJeffrey D Parker, Enterprise, OR5105
AAA 17387235HVBlackcapHooverDam877S 142ZJeffrey D Parker, Enterprise, OR5105
AAA 17387285HVBlacklassHooverDam424 279ZJeffrey D Parker, Enterprise, OR5105
AAA 17662134HV Florabelle Fanny 407AJeffrey D Parker, Enterprise, OR4112
AAA 17661938HV Emma Upgrade 788Y 493AJeffrey D Parker, Enterprise, OR4111
AAA 17661896HV Blackcap Hoover Dam 402AJeffrey D Parker, Enterprise, OR4110
AAA 17661936HV Blackbird Upgrade 327AJeffrey D Parker, Enterprise, OR4107
AAA 17661961HV Emma Hoover Dam-263U 347AJeffrey D Parker, Enterprise, OR4107
AAA 17661655HV Emma Complete-721R 370AJeffrey D Parker, Enterprise, OR4106
AAA 17661934HV Erica Upgrade 827Y 328AJeffrey D Parker, Enterprise, OR4105
AAA 17980920HV Emma Incentive 294U 748BJeffrey D Parker, Enterprise, OR3106
AAA 17980940HV EvereldaLongHaul211Z 800BJeffrey D Parker, Enterprise, OR3106
AAA 17084764HV Erica Complete 969S 933YHighview Ranch, Enterprise, OR6

From the 2018 AAA annual Pathfinder report. 

AssnRegistrationNameNum CalvesAvg Ratio
AAA16466096HV Emma Foresight-210 496W7105
AAA16767227HV FlorabelleFanny 113T 654X6106
AAA17387218HV Emma Program 614X 118Z4109
AAA17387285HVBlacklassHooverDam424 279Z4106
AAA17387212HV Emma Upgrade 664X 106Z4105
AAA17387214HV Erica HooverDam 674X 109Z4105
AAA17387286HVBlackbirdHooverDam450 284Z4105
AAA17662134HV Florabelle Fanny 407A3114
AAA17661938HV Emma Upgrade 788Y 493A3112
AAA17661655HV Emma Complete-721R 370A3109
AAA17661934HV Erica Upgrade 827Y 328A3106
AAA17661936HV Blackbird Upgrade 327A3105

From the 2017 AAA annual Pathfinder report. 

AAA 15136738Highview Objective 333 721RWR10 110
AAA 15462746Highview 928-8203 850SWR10 106
AAA 16465822HV Forever K205 067T 417WWR7 106
AAA 16767227HV FlorabelleFanny 113T 654XWR5 107
AAA 16770045HV BlackcapDaybreak908S 721XWR5 105
AAA 17084723HVBlackbirdDaybreak481W 780YWR4 107
AAA 17084757HV Emma Daybreak 206T 857YWR4 106
AAA 17084747HV Erica HooverDam 951S 832YWR4 105
AAA 17387218HV Emma Program 614X 118ZWR3 108
AAA 17387214HV Erica HooverDam 674X 109ZWR3 107
AAA 17387268HV Erica Program 720R 227ZWR3 107
AAA 17387212HV Emma Upgrade 664X 106ZWR3 106
AAA 17387262HV Emma Complete-721R 205ZWR3 105
AAA 17387285HVBlacklassHooverDam424 279ZWR3 105
AAA 15136728Highview Lead On 7530 653RWR10 111
AAA 16167514HVBackcapBonnie458N 660 411UWR7 107
AAA 17084764HV Erica Complete 969S 933YWR4 105
AAA 17387296HV Erica HooverDam 653R 960ZWR3 105