Our primary business is selling Registered Angus Bulls by private treaty to commercial cattlemen. Many who make their entire living from the cattle industry and with an emphasis on retained ownership thru the feedlot. More recently we have begun offering Select Registered Angus Females.

We celebrated 50 years back in 2010  and are well on our way to the next 50 years. Facing the challenges of the last half century, cattle have been our only business. In addition to the registered Angus cattle, we also maintain an Angus based commercial herd. We routinely background many of our own calves to either sell as value added feeders and/or retain thru the finishing phase. No strangers to the feeding industry, we have been selling fat cattle on grids for decades. Occasionally, we also sell A.I. bred commercial heifers.

Our Operation is primarily grass and grazing based. We utilize New Zealand Style MIG (Management Intensive Grazing) rotating cattle frequently on our high mountain meadows with the extensive use of electric fencing. We attempt to extend the grazing season often grazing cattle thru deep snow. For more on our grazing practices click here.

The Secrets to a Supreme Cow Herd
is based on our complete focus on nationally compared and proven A.I. sires. Nearly every maternal pedigree traces thru 100% A.I. sires back into the early 1960’s. Elite cow families are further replicated thru our more than decade old ET program.

Our integrity in doing business is well known. Our customers not only expect it, they deserve it. We care about our customers, their ranching programs, and their familes. Raising cattle takes hard work and we take joy in the accomplishments of our customers. In all that we do, if it doesn’t benefit you, then it doesn’t benefit us.


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